Comprehensive Property Management Services for Property Owners

As a property owner, you deserve a property management firm that takes the time to provide insightful and timely solutions. You deserve and require clear, timely, and consistent communication. Our strengths in these areas builds the trust of our community and serves to strengthen the lasting relationships we have with our clients.

Our specialty is working for individual property owners, many of them renting their homes for the first time, though we also work closely with individuals or organizations who invest in real estate on a large or small scale and with many investors who seek help in managing their own investments.

Our Clients Love Us

Tiber Realty Group is truly the best realty company I have ever dealt with. The staff is responsive and kind. The whole process - securing a rental, being a tenant, to (sadly) vacating when moving out of the area - was smooth and stress-free. I hope to work with them in the future.

Anne Spear


Michael Frias is the most knowledgeable & thoughtful property manager I know. He and his firm manage my wife's & my properties & my parents’ properties. I should mention my wife, my dad & I are all real estate agents on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Michael is a great property manager and a genuinely great guy. He is the "level-headed guy in the room" who is able to solve "people problems," as well as the problems with their properties. Somehow he has not let the business “harden him” (after 35+ years) as it tends to do to people in the industry. Michael's vast experience, ideal demeanor & great team around him, coupled with an intuitive web-based management software, help Tiber Realty Group provide streamlined service for both tenants and landlords. And it makes tax time so much easier for us!

Todd Bissey


Michael Frias and his team are simply the best. As an out of town landlord and real estate investor, I have worked with other property managers and find the service offered by Tiber Realty to be superior.

Larry Kagan